The aim of our dental techniques is to retain and renew perfection, natural and maximum functioning of healthy teeth.

Millenium Dental Care has at its disposal a professional, fully digitized laboratory located directly within the premises of the clinic itself. Under the professional guidance of Mr. Thomas Nitschke, aesthetic reconstructions are performed here from pure ceramics, precisely tailored according to the individual wishes and requirements of the client.

An immense advantage is the option of immediate communication between the physician and dental technician, thus ensuring high quality of the resulting work and performance within the shortest possible time.

Laboratory - Technology

The department of conserving and aesthetic dentistry is constantly developing, and as a result sophisticated technical support is more important than ever.

CEREC “In Lab” with laboratory scanner “In EOS”

The laboratory cutter “In Lab” in connection with the laboratory scanner “In EOS” is designed for use in a laboratory for smaller prosthetic works made from a single ceramic piece such as e.g. multi-section ceramic bridges.

DentalDirekt – laboratory concept for the whole jaw

A special laboratory cutter in connection with an optical 3D scanner enables production of large prosthetic works such as ceramic replacements of the entire jaw from a single ceramic block.